Yhome Murphy’s Recovery Story

LifeWorks Rehab helped her regain her independence.

I’ve always worked hard and enjoyed the work I do. I retired from my first career in 1987, but soon went back to work as the receptionist at Berkshire Health & Rehabilitation Center. I loved everyone I worked with there so much and truly enjoyed all the patients I met over the years. I only just retired this year at the age of 92.

I’ve only had one fall, but it was a pretty serious one. I was walking and fell forward and knocked myself out. I ended up having two brain surgeries because of that fall. When I needed to choose a facility for my rehabilitation, there was never any doubt in my mind about where I wanted to go: there was no other place I’d choose but Berkshire Health & Rehabilitation Center. Knowing what I know first-hand about the people who work there and the level of care they provide, it was a very easy choice.

I live by myself, so staying healthy and strong is very important to me. The LifeWorks Rehab therapy program did a great job of preparing me to be home on my own. The therapy program is very, very thorough. I was also very driven and focused on my therapy because I missed my home and wanted to get back home so badly. I had been through some home therapy in the past and thought it was very much inferior to the inpatient therapy I received at Berkshire Health & Rehabilitation Center. There’s really just no comparison as far as I’m concerned. The LifeWorks Rehab therapy was so much more focused and effective.

At 92, I still live at home on my own, drive wherever I need to go, and I’m very independent. The things I learned in the LifeWorks Rehab program have helped me stay strong and healthy for years. I would absolutely recommend Berkshire Health & Rehabilitation Center to anyone.